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Revue Noir Performances

#5 | Monday August 29 ~ Back in NYC!
Alchemy @ CBGBs.
Gregor performs live with the band for the first time

#4 | Monday August 1 ~ Philly Debut!
Nicki Jaine (of Revue Noir, with Sam Rosenthal guest)
Bar Noir ~ Philadelphia, PA
112 S. 18th Street

#3 | Saturday July 16 ~ Back in NYC!
Lo-Fi Entertainment Presents Website
DOMINION ~ New York City, NY
Rare Nightclub, 416 West 14 Street
(between 9th Ave & Washington Street) 212.675.2220
18+ Admitted - $10
Show Starts 9pm

Bands Performing:
9pm Revue Noir (
10pm Carfax Abbey (
11pm Anathema Device (
12am Hate in the Box (
1am Still Life Decay (

#2 | Saturday May 21, 2005 ~ FLA Debut!
Calliope Fest IV Website
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ft. Lauderdale Stadium; 5301 Northwest 12th Ave.
A three-day music festival. Order Tickets: or by phone: 954-854-7954. $25 for Saturday. Ages: All. REVUE NOIR perform Saturday @ 8:00pm and Rasputina @ 9:00 pm

They're flying us down to friggin' Florida!

Nicki's Calliope Fest recollections

Due to air traffic control being down over Atlanta (a very comforting though, no?) my flight from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale was delayed for over two hours. With all of that time at the airport, I had the chance to call my friend, Eve, who loves dystopian novels and recently became an organic farmer. While doing humanitarian work around the world, she visited a leper colony and she went to the bathroom without even washing her hands. When we were in high school, she'd eat pickles off of diner floors to build up her immune system. Eve rocks.

Meredith & Sam had flown out from New York earlier that day & were already checked into our hotel room, by the time I arrive at around 1:00am on 05.21.05. They had a terrible dinner that included rotten plantains or something of that nature. It sounded pretty traumatic & they didn't want to talk too much about the culinary disaster.

Meredith & I stayed up telling awful jokes until about 4:00, while trying not to wake Sam up. Early the next morning, Sam, a Florida native, went to visit his brother, sister-in-law, nieces & nephews. In his kitchen, Sam has a picture of his nieces & nephews petting a penguin. I'm very jealous, as I've always wanted to pet a penguin. Anyway, moving away from a tangent about penguins, Meredith & I slept in very, very, very late.

When we were returning from our breakfast/lunch we ran into Melora, of Rasputina in the hotel lobby. I'd recently gone to see a really great show in Brooklyn, with Meredith performing with the Vanity Set & Melora making a guest appearance with the Ambitious Orchestra. It had been a long time since I'd seen a Rasputina show & I was really looking forward to it, as they never cease to entertain & amaze me.

We arrived at the fair grounds, wearing a lot of sunscreen, a couple of hours before we were scheduled to play. We hung out in a back stage area with two of the other bands, Ginger Snapped & Livid Kitten & and a very interesting assortment of individuals. About an hour before we were scheduled to perform, it started pouring rain. It wasn't too long before the show had to be cancelled. All of the electrical equipment was soaked & we ran the risk of being toasted if we played.

After it had been officially announced that the show was cancelled, we hung out on the dryer of the two stages. One of the guys who we were talking to, books events in Florida & had held a big Rocky Horror event the night before. If only we'd known! He said that he would host another Rocky & cast Meredith & me as Magenta & Columbia. I've wanted to be in Rocky Horror since my friend Eve was eating pickles off of diner floors in high school. We're going to be in touch & see if we can make this happen, so I will keep you all posted about it! I'm trying to convince Sam to be Frank.he's not buying into this at the moment.

By this time, most of the audience had gone home, but one loyal group of about 40 concert goers moved a little tent over to the stage where we were hanging out. They wanted to hear music, so with me on guitar, Meredith on violin & sam on the cymbol & wooden spoon, we played a very spirited acoustic set for them. There was something so wonderful about playing for this deeply appreciative audience in the pouring rain, in the middle of a dark, soaked field. It was so memorable, really & truly amazing.

After that Sam, Meredith & I had dinner, followed by an amazing chocolate fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream.

And so went our trip to Fort Lauderdale.

#1 | Monday May 2, 2005 ~ NYC Debut!
Alchemy @ CBGB's 313 Gallery Website
313 Bowery. Doors: 10:30pm. Showtime: Midnight. Admission: $6. Ages: All.

#0 | December 30, 2004 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Upstairs Live! at World Cafe Live 3025 Walnut St. Hosted by Kate Gaffney. Nicki Jaine performs and Sam sits in on two songs...

#0 | December 18, 2004 ~ New York City, NY
The Raven 194 ave a (at east 12th st). Nicki and Sam perform two songs at the Middle Pillar Presents Xmas Party. This was before the band had a name!