"Revue Noir brings Jaine's emotionally electro-shocked id into the forefront like the soundtrack of one of those pungently sad and painful foreign films with lots of longshots of landscapes and timelessly urban backdrops."
- The Aquarian, June 2005 (Read the full review as a pdf here)

Bowie Tribute Now Released

[ July 21 2006 From Sam] The Bowie Tribute on Failure To Communicate has been released. Our version of "Rock'n'Roll Suicide" is near the beginning of disc one. Other great bands include The Dresden Dolls, Voltaire, David J + The Brides. A lot of these covers are really great! you can buy it here. At the moment, Revue Noir is dormant, Nicki is doing volunteer work at the Auschwitz Memorial & Museum in Poland. No Shit! That's heavy stuff! Nicki's Live maxi-cd is out and you can buy it here for just $7.98.

10.04.05 update from Nicki Jaine

Last week, Sam & I starting brainstorming about a Revue Noir video while taking a walk in Philadelphia after having dinner at a great Turkish resturant. I'm really looking forward to watching these ideas become visible!

On October 11, Hot Topic will begin selling the Projekt A Dark Cabaret compilation! I'm very happy with how our song "Sometimes, Sunshine" sounds & am thrilled to be releasing the recording. This is the first recording that both Meredith and Gregor will perform on!Sam spent a lot of time working on this compilation from beginning to end & it's turned out beautifully, you can order a copy here.

A redesign of the Revue Noir website will be underway soon! More brainstorming will be in order for that project...

We're currently working on adding new material to the live set. In a few months or so, we'll be performing out again!

The Revue Noir Single

Revue Noir's three song single is available!Click here to go to the Projekt.com webpage, where you can purchase the disc for just $1.98 + shipping! The single is a very nice little tasty preview of the EP & video that we will release this Fall!

David Bowie Compilation

This Fall, Revue Noir's rendition of "Rock n Roll Suicide" will be featured on a David Bowie Compilation that will be released by Failure to Communicate Records. Gregor Kitzis, who is featured as first violin on David Bowie's, "Heathen", is now a member of Revue Noir & plays a brilliant violin part on our "Rock n Roll Suicide" cover. Gregor is completely sick in the head & unbelievably talented - truly a winning combination!
FTC Website

Revue Noir Line Up

So, the Revue Noir line up is:

Nicki Jaine
- vocals - guitar - piano -

Sam Rosenthal
- electronics - production -
Sam is safe to talk to at shows. He doesn't bite, he makes good miso soup, and he bought me a chocolate chip cookie on Saturday!

Gregor Kitzis
- violin -
The brilliant, sick in the head violin player mentioned above.

Meredith Yayanos
- violin & theremin -
About two years ago, I saw Meredith perform with an amazing band, The Vanity Set (Website), in NYC. I was sooo damn impressed by her performance, I remember thinking, "I would LOOOOVE to work with her some day, she's fucking brilliant!" And now, here we are. Isn't is great when things work out like that!?


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