If you like your dark cabaret with a sprinkling of Nico and Marlene Dietrich, then let Revue Noir fill your black heart with joy. Revue Noir's sound can best be described as "Weimar-Republic-era Expressionism," an apt coinage for songs capturing the essence of an era when the world was crumbling and all one could do was lose one self in beauty and debauchery. Embodying the decadence and sorrow that filled the nights of pre-WWII Europe is stunning frontwoman, Nicki Jaine.

"Nicki is a performer who's never left an audience less than riveted: With her cabaret noir style and a compelling to coquettish emotional nudity, Jaine is simply possessed of a timeless style within a voice that is just unexpected from such a vulnerable looking young woman." - East Coast Rocker

Revue Noir was born when Black Tape for a Blue Girl leader Sam Rosenthal invited Jaine into his band for the 2004 Halo Star tour. Before they were even home from the road, the two decided to join creative forces. Mixing her stunning stage persona, songwriting and powerful voice with his sensitive production, songwriting and musical poignancy makes for an amazing new musical statement. Gregor Kitzis on violin, Meredith Yayanos on violin & theramin and Tim Karsten on drums complete the line-up. Together, this charismatic group creates intense, narrative-driven, songs reminiscent of 1920's Berlin supper clubs that exude the sexually-charged energy felt in film classics such as "The Blue Angel" and "Pandora's Box."

In May 2005 Revue Noir took the stage for the first time, with shows in New York City and Fort Lauderdale. Around the time of their New York City debut performance, the band released a three song single, giving listeners a tempting taste of things to come. Additional shows will follow throughout the Summer. This Fall, Revue Noir will record an EP and video, capturing the intense energy of this dark cabaret.

This is not to be missed.

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